Rendering in Toolbag

Photorealistic 3D Rendering

Ray Tracing For All

Toolbag 4’s brand-new ray tracing engine is a lightweight and powerful system for lookdev, compositing, and final rendering. Optimized to run on all modern GPUs.

Achieve even faster ray-traced results with native hardware support of NVIDIA RTX devices.

RasterRay Tracing

art by RYZIN ART

A New Light

Interactive ray tracing delivers a stunning level of image quality to Toolbag.

With physically-accurate shading, global illumination, reflections, caustics, and more, your art has never looked better.

Advanced Denoising

Toolbag’s AI denoising uses machine learning to retain detail and provide a smooth, realistic result. This enables you to use fewer ray casts resulting in faster render times, giving you more time to be creative.

GPU Denoiser

  • Hardware-accelerated on NVIDIA RTX devices

  • Real-time accumulation

  • Compatible on all NVIDIA Geforce cards (10 and newer)

Featured art by Anson Weese

High-Quality CPU Denoiser

  • Highest quality detail retention

  • Compatible with any CPU

  • Runs on Mac and Windows

Real-Time Raster

Toolbag’s industry-standard, game-style raster renderer gives you complete creative control. Now featuring:

  • Customizable AO, local reflection, and diffuse light bounces

  • Improved GGX and anisotropic shading

  • Smoother anti-aliasing & transparency

art by Hannah Watts

Pinpoint Accuracy

Toolbag’s physically-based rendering and material system assure you’ll capture natural and consistent results in your artwork across multiple lighting and material styles.

Image-Based Lighting

Add realism to your renders by recreating lighting from real-world locations. Coupled with ray tracing, image-based lighting makes it easy to generate beautifully-balanced lighting and dramatic shadows with the click of a button.

Access hundreds of real-world skies for free in Toolbag’s regularly updated Library.


Advanced Shading


Craft convincing glass, liquids, and gems with refracted distortions and caustics. Bend refraction to your will with refractive index controls.


Achieve natural skin, wax, and leaves with shading models that mimic how light scatters through translucent surfaces.


Whether linen, silk, or wool, find the right sheen with Toolbag’s new cloth shader.


Polish your material with a coat of finish using the extensive Reflection shader. Great for car paint, carbon fiber, and lacquered wood.

Camera & Post Effects

Become a mastermind director of your scene using Toolbag’s trusted camera system. Cameras in Toolbag offer tone mapper presets and color grading tools to help you capture the cinematic style you want.

Need compositing control? Add as many cameras and render passes as you need on your next render project.

Learn More About Rendering

Rendering Specifications

Base Features

  • Interactive Ray Traced Renderer

  • Real-time Raster Renderer

  • Image-Based Lighting

  • Dynamic Lights (Omni, Spot, Directional)

  • GPU Hardware Accelerated Performance (NVIDIA, AMD)

  • NVIDIA DLSS AI Image Upscaling

  • Volumetric Fog

  • Shadow Catcher

Ray Tracing

  • Indirect Light Bounces

  • Transmission Light Bounces

  • Caustic Paths

  • Advanced Light Sampling

  • Indirect Radiance Clamp

  • Direct Radiance Clamp

  • Diffuse Intensity

  • Reflection Intensity

  • Viewport Samples (frame accumulation)

  • Rays Per Pixel

  • Real-time GPU Denoiser (hardware accelerated)

  • CPU Denoiser


  • Cascading Shadow Maps

  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (AO)

  • Ray Traced AO

  • AO Color

  • Diffuse Light Occlusion

  • Specular Light Occlusion

  • Local Reflection

  • Local Diffuse Reflection

Lens Effects

  • Perspective / Orthographic Mode

  • Field of View

  • Clipping Plane

  • Safe Frame

  • Depth of Field – Ray Traced / Post Effect Mode

  • Aperture Shape

  • Lens Flare

  • Motion Blur

  • Lens Distortion

Post Effects

  • Tone Mapping – Linear, Heji, Reinhard, ACES

  • Curves

  • Sharpen

  • Bloom

  • Vignette

  • Grain – Film / Digital Mode

Output Options

  • Image – .jpeg, .png, .tga, .psd (8/16/32-bit), .exr (16/32-bit)

  • Image Sequence – .jpeg, .png, .tga, .psd, .exr

  • Video – .avi (lossless), .mp4

  • Transparency (alpha mask)

  • Samples Per Pixel

  • Denoise Strength (GPU, CPU)

  • Compression Quality (video only)

  • Multiple Render Cameras

  • Render Passes (wireframe, alpha, depth, ID maps, light maps, & more)


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