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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable organizations of any size 
to accurately measure and track how people 
perceive their brand.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the development of a new generation of research technologies that enable us to better understand the desires, preferences, and dreams of people around the world.

Our Values

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Create a positive impact

We enable all kinds of organisations to make smarter and more informed decisions to improve our collective way of living.

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Help each other grow

Our team is interdependent. We celebrate success as a team, address 
our mistakes collectively and above all, help each other grow.

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Challenge ourselves

To be successful, we step out of our comfort zone, go the extra mile, ask tough questions, get our hands dirty and turn challenges into opportunities.

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Get stuff done

We are pragmatic. We get stuff done right, even if it means going back to the drawing board.

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Take responsibility

No excuses, if we want to see an initiative become a reality, we step up 
to the plate and take ownership.

Our Story

Dalia Research is born

In 2013, Nico Jaspers and Fernando Guillén noticed a shift in human behavior: more and more people were easily reachable via their smartphones. They realized that this everyday action for bilions of people worldwide could open up market reserach opportunities that go far beyond traditional methods in terms of range and efficiency. Hence Dalia Research was born.

Dalia research logo in dark blue background
Dalia research logo in dark blue background

Series A funding

Dalia Research raises $7 million in Series A funding. Led by Balderton Capital, with participation from existing investors Wellington Partners, and IBB-Bet. Balderton’s Suranga Chandratillake positions Dalia as solving a “fundamental issue” in society right now, which is the need to understand data around what people think, and why they take certain actions.

Wellington Partners Balderton logos in black background
Wellington Partners Balderton logos in black background

Brand tracking solution

Fast forward to 2019 and a pressing need for companies to better understand their brand perception. Using Dalia's capacity to generate over 1 billion answers per month across 150 countries, to enable high-quality consumer insights, Jaspers and Guillén decided to provide a way for brand managers to answer the million dollar question: what does my target audience think of my brand?

An image showing a dashboards about competitors
An image showing a dashboards about competitors

Latana today

Today, Latana answers that question for some of the biggest brands worldwide, empowering companies to get the reliable insights they need to grow.

Latana logo in purple background
Latana logo in purple background

Our Product

Make marketing decisions based on fact, not gut feeling. Latana is the only brand tracking tool that provides accurate consumer insights from 100+ countries worldwide in one intuitive dashboard.

We Believe in Brands. Brands Believe in Latana.

Knowing how is Holvi comparing to the competition, and what the unaided and aided awareness of our brand is, helps us improve our strategy
Jarno Nousiainen,Senior User Researcher, Holvi

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