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The future of marketing: 

How mental health campaigns are driving brand perception and loyalty

Learn how brands are building emotional connections by weaving mental health into their campaigns.

Bluish card with title the The future of marketing  with
Bluish card with title the The future of marketing  with

Leadership Panel Hero
Female Leadership Panel

Female leaders discuss key traits of leadership. Watch now for expert tips and personal experiences in helping people grow, believing in yourself, and more.

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Loyalty Marketing Webinar

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to use loyalty marketing to build a stronger brand. Plus, hear how loyalty marketing can increase sales from existing customers and drive referrals.

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Consumer self-awareness: How brands need to change tactics in 2022

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn why brands need to listen to consumers, forge emotional connections, and adjust to changing consumer routines to be successful in 2022.

Podcast Episodes

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Best Growth Strategies for 2023

Latana x UNmiss.com

believe you can because you can

Jan 11 2023

Scaling B2B Revenue

Latana x Revenue Generator

Revenue Generator Logo

Dec 13 2022

AI-Powered Brand 

Latana x Send It Rising

send it rising kellen kautzman

Sep 6 2022

Driving Growth with Brand Tracking

Latana x Predictable B2B Success

B2B Success Logo

Oct 7 2022

Tactical Brand Marketing and Brand Tracking

Latana x Anatomy of A Rumor

Anatomy of A Rumor - Podcast Logo

Oct 11 2022

Brand Tracking For Franchises

Latana x Multiply Your Success

Multiply your success - Logo

Sep 11 2022

Brand Performance Insights For Smaller Brands

Latana x Get Down to Business

Get down to business logo

Sep 1 2022

Brand Tracking For Medium-Sized Companies

Latana x Accelerate your Business Growth

Accelerate your business growth - logo

August 11 2022

Brand Performance Software

Latana x Ecommerce Marketing Podcast

Ecommerce Marketing Podcast Logo

August 27 2022

Instagram for B2B Businesses

Latana x Fueled By Growth

Fueled by Growth Card Thumbnail

August 7 2022

Brand Monitoring Software

Latana x The Agile Board

Brand with Greg Kihlstrom

June 29 2022

The Future of Consumer Data

Latana x Not Another Marketing Podcast

Not Another Marketing Podcast Icon

May 29 2022

Branding Trends

Latana x BrandAPeel

BrandApeel Logo

Apr 29 2022

Brand Tracking: Marketing with Context

Latana x The B2B Revenue
Analytics Show


Mar 29 2022

Data-Driven Marketing

Latana x Profit From
the Inside

Profit from inside  logo

Mar 9 2022

Leadership in Marketing

Latana x Integrate
& Ignite

Intergrate and Ignite Logo

Feb 15 2021

Tracking and Optimizing 
Target Audiences

Latana x The Marketing
Analytics Show

Dec 15 2021

Brand Tracking and Research

Latana x Let's Talk Branding

Let's talk branding logo pink

Sept 28 2021

Loyalty Marketing: How you can use it to drive your brand forward

Latana x Keep Optimising

Keep optimising Logo

Oct 27 2021

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